Seasons Change and We Grow Stronger 
by Love Charlie | December 7th, 2020

The mission of Love Charlie is to educate and entertain readers of all ages with the awareness that change is inevitable and transitions are like the seasons in our lives.  There is an undeniable pattern we all experience internally in response to change and as we transition through emotional phases, in an ebb and flow, we grow into our new normal.  We grow stronger.  

Seasons Change Love Charlie identifies the connection between our natural world and that of our own as we move through transitions. This shared pattern experienced in response to change occurs as we organically transition through the seasons of our own change, learning from each event. Like a solid and strong Oak tree that has gone through many seasons, each transition we cycle through is that of another ring of experience to draw upon for when the next change comes around and it is time for another transition. 

With Change, our experience mirrors the seasons, in Fall we identify with a letting go, or loss. In Winter, we experience a stillness and quiet while lots goes on under the surface. Spring brings relief with a break in the stillness as new growth peaks beyond the surface and offers bright hope of what is to come. And, Summer brings full bloom and our most active time – where we are alive, as well as inwardly and outwardly healthy.  Seasons Change and we grow stronger. 

What better way to convey change to children than to use the natural world around them?  LisaMarie and Robert take the reader on a nature walk with Charlie and Chandler as they discover how the transition of seasons builds preparedness and strength in the mighty Oak tree.  Similarly, children will learn to adjust and adapt just like the tree as they move through life events and the feeling experienced through the transitions.

Seasons Change Love Charlie offers an exceptional step forward in personal development for children learning to manage change and transition.  As the reader and listener experience wonderful, magical journeys with Charlie and Chandler, the book simultaneously builds knowledge of how to navigate transitions in life as it weaves an inspiring narrative. This series is unlike anything currently on the market as years of professional experience and honed storytelling techniques deliver a beautiful and insightful look at the world while giving children, and parents, the tools to help them navigate life’s challenges. 

Experience the successful navigation of change and transition through our adventures. 

Love Charlie